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Linktrix Your Dream Career Could Be A Few Steps Away
Linktrix Impress Online

Impress Online

What stories do your social media accounts tell about you?

In today’s highly connected world, your social media accounts are akin to your second CV. Prospective employers are likely to take a peek at who their potential hire is by checking out your social media activity – even before inviting you for an interview.

Keep your social media presence fun and honest, while projecting yourself as someone who’s great to be around! Of course, stay away from negativity and other behaviours that potential employers might be turned off by.

Perfect Your Resume

Make a great first impression with a well-crafted resume.

Modern resumes are snappy and to the point, so choose your best traits and working experience – and show that off, while trimming everything else out. Include a professional photo and remember to always check for typos, formatting issues and other careless mistakes that signal signs of unprofessionalism.

Importantly, remember to tweak your resume and cover letter to suit the specific wants of the company you’re applying for. This will take a bit more time, but will impress prospective employers and improve your chances of being selected for a valuable interview.

Perfect Your Resume
Acing Interview

Acing Interviews

Excel at interviews and land your dream career.

It all begins with preparation. Dress to impress with attire that’s ideal for the office you’re planning on working in. When in doubt, always lean towards attire that’s smarter and more formal. Research the company by visiting their website and reading articles about them – learn about their culture, team and the specific job you’re interviewing for.

Also, prepare questions to ask your interviewers – this shows your interest in the company and the people you could be working with. With just a little added effort, you could gain a distinct advantage over your competition!

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